Hello my fellow Millennial Hippies

This is the post excerpt.


They call me Megan-Jane or MJ and I’m just trying to make sense and find my spot in this world with the smallest footprints possible. I’m 25, part time college student (nursing), full time mama and wife. I love to cook, craft, about to try my hand at gardening – can’t say I have a green thumb, I’ve killed ivy before HA – I just want what’s best for my family, and my environment. 

I’m recently married to the best woman on the planet, a fairly new mama to a beautiful, adventurous little boy, and holding tight to the handle bar of this roller coaster life. I’m new to this whole online socialite/blogger niche but I’m excited to embark on this trip. I am also on a journey to a healthier and better me. Eating right, exercising or just dog walking (we have 3 dogs too)  and just overall getting all my ducks in a row or at least the same pond. 

Here’s to lifes greatest adventures and journeys. Peace out – MJ


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