Blogilates Beginner Calender

So as I stated in a before post, I’m wanting to get back into shape post baby…or I guess now it’s post-baby/pre-toddler. Not only do I want to lose weight to fit back into my clothes but I want to get back to a healthy state. It’s for my family, for me. This is the first step besides clean-eating (there will be cheat days of course haha) 

Cassey over at Blogilates has so many plans and from the reviews and everything they seem to work – but it’s exercise so why wouldn’t it? Currently my only exercise is chasing my toddler around lol. It’s then I realized how out of shape I really am. I get winded and worn out within just 15-20 minutes of vigorously playing with him outside. So this is another thing I’m doing for him – not just for him but still. He needs a mom that can keep up with his insane energy output. So here we go. It’s December 1st so it’s as great of a day as any to start a new exercise challenge.

My current weight is 192, and my ultimate goal is to get back to the pre-baby weight of 115. 

I’ll keep my progress updated, and include a link below.

Wish me luck. Peace, Love and Moonbeams. – MJ


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