Blogilates Beginner Calendar – Day 1

THAT WAS INSANE!!! I know capitals seem like a bit much, but I just can’t even express how hard that was for me. Granted it’s my first workout routine of any sort in over 2 years….so that probably is what did me in. Cassey is so happy-go-lucky and she just makes you want to strive harder ya know? I have to admit I took a few (yes as in more than a couple) second long breaks. I didn’t expect that at all!! I mean it’s day 1 of the beginner calendar. Really it put in perspective how out of shape I really am. Also that it’s going to take a boatload of work to get to where I want/need to be. 

I’m not even going to lie, I’ve been putting this off for 2 weeks because it’s just not in my habit anymore. There I was laying on the couch at 8pm deciding that I would take a nap, set an alarm for 10pm then do what I need to do. – My sleep schedule is crapped out (loonnng storryyy) But lets face it. I probably wouldn’t have. I would of laid there till 11-12 dozing on and off, then maybe get some of what I need to get done, then go back to bed. My brain decided to tell me this. AND it worked. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Words to live by I swear! So here I am. Cooling down after the workout, posting about the raw-ness of my not so better parts. I’m proud of myself, and I plan on keeping this up. After the beginning of the year I plan on starting to introduce some cardio – perhaps walks, then maybe jogging. 

I’m a loaf when it comes to jogging. You know those picked on kids in the movies? How they run? Yea that’s me – to a T.  But I just don’t care how bad I look.

This is for me. Do something for you. You won’t regret it. Promise. I’ve never regretted, ever, getting up off my butt to exercise. Might pay for it tomorrow, but never regret.


Sweet dreams and Moon beams. – MJ 


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