Blogilates – Day 2

Sheesh. The first day kicked my tail! However I ended up having to take a 2 day break between that video and the 2nd day. How sad is that? I am that out of shape. At least I’m on the right track.

So review of the 2nd day videos – They were not as bad! I think I’m slowly starting to get use to doing something. I know it’s only been 2 days but I guess I want to be in shape so bad that finally getting into the groove of something is making me excited. Now to just get my calorie intake handled. Some days I do great…others I can’t even explain what comes over me. I think it’s because I’m bored. Well not bored but if my hands aren’t busy doing something else – I eat. And Eat. And Eat some more.

I’m thinking about starting a low calorie diet. It’s called the “HSGD- Healthy Skinny Girl Diet” Basically you fluctuate between 800-1150 calories. I talked to my doctor about it, she said as long as I take my daily multivitamin and of course make sure to listen to my body, and eat a well rounded diet, she doesn’t see a problem with it. So I’m thinking about starting that tomorrow. It’ll be hard. Really hard. Especially with the Christmas holiday rolling around but If I want to do this, I’m going to have to kick my butt into gear. Within 40 days my doctor said I would probably lose about 11-25 lbs. It just depends on how much activity I get in throughout the day and the types of calories I eat. 

I also asked her about doing a 7 day water cleanse fast and she said that until I get to a lower weight she doesn’t recommend it due to the fact my body needs more calories to function that someone at a more healthy weight. – My BMI classifies me as obese. Which is when I sort of lost my shit and decided to do something about all this excess I’m carrying around. 

Back to the Blogilates. Cassey Ho is just an amazing person and I know she’s helping so many others get healthy and motivated. Just like me. I’ll be on day 3 tomorrow and I don’t plan on skipping any more workout days. Wish me luck.

Sweet dreams and Moon beams. – MJ


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