Yuck – The Family Sickness 2016

Well this has been an interesting week. Since my last post ALL of us – Me, My Wife and our Son have all come down with not just the a stomach bug, but also a head cold, on top of sinus infections. So lovely. NOT. Thankfully it hit me the hardest, my wife second hardest and our son didn’t quite pick up the sinus infection thankfully. No work was missed by the wife, however the house looks a mad wreck, laundry is piled up to the roof, dishes…well aren’t bad but we’ve been living off of soup/left overs and freezer to oven stuff. Not healthy. Not great food either, however we haven’t felt like cooking and we don’t really eat out. Needless to say watching our calories and exercising hasn’t happened. Just sad. Between our 3 trips before New Years it’s sort of pointless to really start anything. Wed-Fri we’re going to watch my brother in law graduate army basic, then we’re going to see my family next tues-saturday and when we get back we have to make a trip to see some of her family. Thankfully that’ll be just a day trip since they live closer. I’ve made so many goodies – with a face mask and plenty of hand washing. Sick or not still had gingerbread, pb bon bons, muddy buddies (or puppy chow as my wife calls it lol), chocolate covered pretzels, butterscotch haystacks, mint chocolate covered oreos (cream filled girl scout thin mints basically…mmmmm) and then decorate the cookies…everything is done but the last touches on the decorated cookies.

Just touching base of my wonderful life. I’m the only one still all sniffly, sick and cruddy. The trip isn’t going to be fun. 7 hour drive with the toddler. haha Most of the Christmas shopping is done. One last trip this weekend to the city to shop for last minute stuff.

New year goals ; stop eating fast food (mainly goes for the wife)

get our son off the bottle at night/nap time.

begin saving for our new house…long story.

lose 40 lbs a piece between exercise and diet.  It’ll put her at 165 and me and 155 (however that is her final goal, mine is 120 – seeing as how I’m only 5’4 lol she’s a whopping 5’6 and already has more muscles than I. )

Try to find me a weekend part time job on top of a decent day care for when I start clinicals. – Lol literally my part time job will solely pay for the day care for when the wife can’t watch him. It’s worth it though because after clinicals just have to take my final and then find a job as an RN should be by next December but it’ll pay off. Keeping myself motivated. Lol


Well sweet dreams, moon beams and well wishes this holiday season. I probably wont be posting much if any before the New year.



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