Crazy Couponing?!

I’ve been doing insane amounts of research about couponing. Being a SAHM (stay at home mama) I want to feel as if I’m helping contribute back to the hard work my wife does. I know I watch our baby, cook, clean, laundry and whatever else but I just feel like I’m not doing equal parts. I mean I know I am, I’m saving us tons of money just in watching our son. But this is the knitty gritty truth of how things can evade our way of thinking.

Back to the couponing talk. I’ve stumbled upon numerous Youtube videos and websites. Essentially it seems like to start out it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

  • buy two newspapers
  • print off coupons from legit websites
  • start out with only getting what you would usually buy to begin with
  • get organized from the beginning
  • download company stores apps for your phone
  • get rewards cards (like those little keychain ones you always say you’ll never use

I’ll post later this week about how my shopping trip plan is going, and what I think will work the best. I think the biggest downfall is going to be the fact I don’t usually drive to town more than once a week. – yikes – don’t want to miss out on sales though!

Sweet dreams and Moon beams – MJ