Yuck – The Family Sickness 2016

Well this has been an interesting week. Since my last post ALL of us – Me, My Wife and our Son have all come down with not just the a stomach bug, but also a head cold, on top of sinus infections. So lovely. NOT. Thankfully it hit me the hardest, my wife second hardest and our son didn’t quite pick up the sinus infection thankfully. No work was missed by the wife, however the house looks a mad wreck, laundry is piled up to the roof, dishes…well aren’t bad but we’ve been living off of soup/left overs and freezer to oven stuff. Not healthy. Not great food either, however we haven’t felt like cooking and we don’t really eat out. Needless to say watching our calories and exercising hasn’t happened. Just sad. Between our 3 trips before New Years it’s sort of pointless to really start anything. Wed-Fri we’re going to watch my brother in law graduate army basic, then we’re going to see my family next tues-saturday and when we get back we have to make a trip to see some of her family. Thankfully that’ll be just a day trip since they live closer. I’ve made so many goodies – with a face mask and plenty of hand washing. Sick or not still had gingerbread, pb bon bons, muddy buddies (or puppy chow as my wife calls it lol), chocolate covered pretzels, butterscotch haystacks, mint chocolate covered oreos (cream filled girl scout thin mints basically…mmmmm) and then decorate the cookies…everything is done but the last touches on the decorated cookies.

Just touching base of my wonderful life. I’m the only one still all sniffly, sick and cruddy. The trip isn’t going to be fun. 7 hour drive with the toddler. haha Most of the Christmas shopping is done. One last trip this weekend to the city to shop for last minute stuff.

New year goals ; stop eating fast food (mainly goes for the wife)

get our son off the bottle at night/nap time.

begin saving for our new house…long story.

lose 40 lbs a piece between exercise and diet.  It’ll put her at 165 and me and 155 (however that is her final goal, mine is 120 – seeing as how I’m only 5’4 lol she’s a whopping 5’6 and already has more muscles than I. )

Try to find me a weekend part time job on top of a decent day care for when I start clinicals. – Lol literally my part time job will solely pay for the day care for when the wife can’t watch him. It’s worth it though because after clinicals just have to take my final and then find a job as an RN should be by next December but it’ll pay off. Keeping myself motivated. Lol


Well sweet dreams, moon beams and well wishes this holiday season. I probably wont be posting much if any before the New year.



MmMm. Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread

So I probably haven’t stated before. I’m a huge pinterest junkie. Always have been. From crafts, DIY, food, etc you name it. It all started when I got my first smart phone in 2010. HA. It was the first app I even downloaded. I lived on that site. However I’m having to rebuild my pinterest page one pin at a time – thanks to a shady ex-sister-in-law of mine..long story. LOL

Anyways I tried this recipe – I’m always looking and trying new recipes…and this has got to be hands down the BEST banana bread recipe I’ve ever tasted. Sorry Momma. I’ve been trying to use up the stash of buttermilk and bananasthat I acquired a few weeks ago. The only tweek I made to it was 2 tweeks actually. For the bread itself I doubled the baking soda required – I like fluffier stuff. And the fact I used about half the flour for the crumble and added some pecans. FREAKING TASTY. The wife loved them. Much better than the buttermilk pancake fail yesterday morning…yeah they were melt in your mouth alright…because I couldn’t get them to cook through. AT ALL. No matter if I turned the temp down or whatever. Never had that problem with any other pancakes. So still looking for a thick/fluffy buttermilk pancake recipe.

Here’s the link. I promise that you won’t regret it. I should find a low-calorie recipe for banana bread. I am a fiend for it. Yum


Good vibes  and Good night- MJ

Blogilates – Day 2

Sheesh. The first day kicked my tail! However I ended up having to take a 2 day break between that video and the 2nd day. How sad is that? I am that out of shape. At least I’m on the right track.

So review of the 2nd day videos – They were not as bad! I think I’m slowly starting to get use to doing something. I know it’s only been 2 days but I guess I want to be in shape so bad that finally getting into the groove of something is making me excited. Now to just get my calorie intake handled. Some days I do great…others I can’t even explain what comes over me. I think it’s because I’m bored. Well not bored but if my hands aren’t busy doing something else – I eat. And Eat. And Eat some more.

I’m thinking about starting a low calorie diet. It’s called the “HSGD- Healthy Skinny Girl Diet” Basically you fluctuate between 800-1150 calories. I talked to my doctor about it, she said as long as I take my daily multivitamin and of course make sure to listen to my body, and eat a well rounded diet, she doesn’t see a problem with it. So I’m thinking about starting that tomorrow. It’ll be hard. Really hard. Especially with the Christmas holiday rolling around but If I want to do this, I’m going to have to kick my butt into gear. Within 40 days my doctor said I would probably lose about 11-25 lbs. It just depends on how much activity I get in throughout the day and the types of calories I eat. 

I also asked her about doing a 7 day water cleanse fast and she said that until I get to a lower weight she doesn’t recommend it due to the fact my body needs more calories to function that someone at a more healthy weight. – My BMI classifies me as obese. Which is when I sort of lost my shit and decided to do something about all this excess I’m carrying around. 

Back to the Blogilates. Cassey Ho is just an amazing person and I know she’s helping so many others get healthy and motivated. Just like me. I’ll be on day 3 tomorrow and I don’t plan on skipping any more workout days. Wish me luck.

Sweet dreams and Moon beams. – MJ


I love how raw this show is. It hits home. I’ve dealt with eating disorders in the past, and even now that they gnaw at me I have to push them back. I am careful about these kind of shows and even books so as to not invoke a trigger response, but this – this reminds me as to why I don’t let those demons take hold.  The roles are portrayed with great detail. This is as real as it gets. This is how this disease really takes a hold. I cannot wait to see the episodes that follow this. 

Sweet dreams and moon beams – MJ

Hippie life in the country.

Oh boy. Let’s just say I adore it here in northern Alabama. I’m originally from the Florida panhandle, but I’ve made my home here. But good grief! The amount of criticism I receive some days makes me sick. My wife, her family, my family and just about all the people I’ve encountered are wanting to fight me tooth and nail to cut my sons hair. He’s only 15 months old! How I see it, not my body to determine what to do with it. I chose not to circumcise him for that very reason – plus a multitude of other reasons. My wife finally just tells them it’s a losing battle and to hush their face. Even with a couple of hick ups around these parts, it’s the older people that I just cannot get enough of. You get all the knowledge about how to grow just about anything, canning, cooking, and just other “off-the-grid” ways of life that is just how they were raised. I love it. We live far enough away from town where you have few neighbors, even less traffic, and you have all the beauty of the land. 

I’m far from perfect, but country living is so entirely created for me. I grew up in a fairly large city. I loved it, until I visited here and knew that this is where I not only wanted to live, but to raise my future children (this being about 6 years ago.) LOL That’s a story for another day. 

Welcome to my blog about anything and everything that comes about my life, along with recipes, crafts, gardening and any other such things I think others would care about – and stuff that nobody probably cares about. 

Sweet dreams and Moonbeams. – MJ

Hello my fellow Millennial Hippies

This is the post excerpt.

They call me Megan-Jane or MJ and I’m just trying to make sense and find my spot in this world with the smallest footprints possible. I’m 25, part time college student (nursing), full time mama and wife. I love to cook, craft, about to try my hand at gardening – can’t say I have a green thumb, I’ve killed ivy before HA – I just want what’s best for my family, and my environment. 

I’m recently married to the best woman on the planet, a fairly new mama to a beautiful, adventurous little boy, and holding tight to the handle bar of this roller coaster life. I’m new to this whole online socialite/blogger niche but I’m excited to embark on this trip. I am also on a journey to a healthier and better me. Eating right, exercising or just dog walking (we have 3 dogs too)  and just overall getting all my ducks in a row or at least the same pond. 

Here’s to lifes greatest adventures and journeys. Peace out – MJ