Hippie life in the country.

Oh boy. Let’s just say I adore it here in northern Alabama. I’m originally from the Florida panhandle, but I’ve made my home here. But good grief! The amount of criticism I receive some days makes me sick. My wife, her family, my family and just about all the people I’ve encountered are wanting to fight me tooth and nail to cut my sons hair. He’s only 15 months old! How I see it, not my body to determine what to do with it. I chose not to circumcise him for that very reason – plus a multitude of other reasons. My wife finally just tells them it’s a losing battle and to hush their face. Even with a couple of hick ups around these parts, it’s the older people that I just cannot get enough of. You get all the knowledge about how to grow just about anything, canning, cooking, and just other “off-the-grid” ways of life that is just how they were raised. I love it. We live far enough away from town where you have few neighbors, even less traffic, and you have all the beauty of the land. 

I’m far from perfect, but country living is so entirely created for me. I grew up in a fairly large city. I loved it, until I visited here and knew that this is where I not only wanted to live, but to raise my future children (this being about 6 years ago.) LOL That’s a story for another day. 

Welcome to my blog about anything and everything that comes about my life, along with recipes, crafts, gardening and any other such things I think others would care about – and stuff that nobody probably cares about. 

Sweet dreams and Moonbeams. – MJ


Hello my fellow Millennial Hippies

This is the post excerpt.

They call me Megan-Jane or MJ and I’m just trying to make sense and find my spot in this world with the smallest footprints possible. I’m 25, part time college student (nursing), full time mama and wife. I love to cook, craft, about to try my hand at gardening – can’t say I have a green thumb, I’ve killed ivy before HA – I just want what’s best for my family, and my environment. 

I’m recently married to the best woman on the planet, a fairly new mama to a beautiful, adventurous little boy, and holding tight to the handle bar of this roller coaster life. I’m new to this whole online socialite/blogger niche but I’m excited to embark on this trip. I am also on a journey to a healthier and better me. Eating right, exercising or just dog walking (we have 3 dogs too)  and just overall getting all my ducks in a row or at least the same pond. 

Here’s to lifes greatest adventures and journeys. Peace out – MJ